A Guide To Personal Development Techniques! Part one

An ordered life is one of the most assured methods of self-improvement. 
The saying “tidy desk -   tidy mind” is also certainly true but only a small part 
of it It is important that you order your life  in such a manner that allows you to 
do everything you need to, when you need to do it.  You should also be able to 
effectively ensure that you become happier and more content as well as  
progress with your career, make new friends and  anything else you want in life
..While work is  important, you should always make time to spend  with your 
family and a little personal time.   This personal time could be an excellent  
opportunity to take up a physical hobby. Exercising helps to clear the mind and 
produce  chemicals in your body that are essential and  often lacking. 
Modern living involves greater  working hours and less personal time.  
Inevitably this has led to less interactivity. Always set goals for yourself to aid 
in your  progress. Increasing the amount of exercise you do will only usually 
be beneficial or   successful if you have a reason to do it. If you simply 
want to get fitter and stay healthy then set yourself an achievement.

If you currently walk 1 mile a day 
then aim to walk 5 miles a day. When you are walking  5 miles a day, 
consider if there is any way   you can improve this further. 
Time with your family and friends is also essential. 

Exercise & Eat Right Is A Must Taking up a sport with a friend or group of friends would combine exercise with interaction and be perfect. Your friends may turn out to be the extra motivation you require in the event of difficult times. Would You Like to Grow Spiritually & Have a Deeper Connection to Life?  There is supplier who claims you can achieve spiritual growth quickly & easily! But does it really work? As technology surges forward into the 21st Century and our advancements exceed our expectations a great many people feel spiritually barren and empty inside. As we progress as a species becoming ever more innovative, productive and forward-thinking in science, medicine and technology many people are left feeling empty and disconnected. Until recently spirituality had been left as a side-note in the annals of modern history. However, there is now a resurgence of interest in the spiritual and an awakening within the human race that tells us perhaps our spiritual side is the only real constant in existence - a view point that is now being backed by modern science! Contributor: Thehealthywomen.com for Questions email:bgadvisor@live.com

Some Hindrances To Answered Prayer * Part one

The “2002 Annual Conference Wrap-Up” states that 
Delegates … also affirmed a renewed emphasis on 
prayer in the denomination.”
The Church of the Brethren Messenger has published
a series of prayer experiences. These have all been
reminders hopefully that the prayers of righteous
people are “powerful and effective” (James 5:16b). One of the greatest deficiencies in the American church is the prayerlessness. It may be helpful to study the
prayers of the Bible to help us become more diligent in
the practice of prayer. Bible prayers often had to do with
character improvement and with a plea for greater
devotion to the Lord.

If you can't figure out what
to pray for.
Paul’s prayers in the New Testament epistles are instructive. He prayed for a spirit of wisdom (Ephesians 1:17), for a deep
sense of God’s presence (Ephesians 3:17), and that our lives
might abound in love (Philippians 1:9).
The book of Jonah in The Old Testament, is filled with references to prayer.
There is a reference to prayer in every chapter of the book.
In chapter 1, the sailors prayed from fear (1:5a). In chapter 2, Jonah prayed in faith (2:1-7). In chapter 3, the Ninevites prayed with fasting (3:8). In chapter 4, Jonah prayed in foolishness (4:23). God answered every one of the prayers except Jonah’s
prayer recorded in chapter 4. Jonah’s foolish prayer
which begrudged the mercy God had shown to the Ninevites was not answered. There are some prayers which God does not answer–at least not with a “Yes. In fact, the main article in this issue of the BRF Witness concentrates on some reasons why our prayers might not be answered with a positive response.
The second chapter of Jonah is one of the most 
enlightening chapters on prayer. 
There is no petition in the prayer. 
Jonah asks for nothing; 


he simply cries out in acknowledgement to God. Sometimes our prayers are like those of Old MacDonald’s Wife–”Give me, give me here; give me, give me there … give me, give me … “On occasion it is healthy for us just to thank God, and praise Him, without asking for anything.
We note too that Jonah prayed when he was in deep trouble. Jonah 1:17 says that he was in the belly of a fish. It seems like we must have problems, difficulties, and hassles-in order for God to get us on our knees! It is when our backs are to the wall, and we don’t know which way to turn-that we are more inclined to pray. But prayer is not intended for “emergency use only. Prayer should be a regular, daily, and ongoing activity. God is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). God expects us to manifest a confidence in Him which leads to asking in simple trust (Matthew 7:7-11).
Floyd Pierson, a retired Africa Inland Mission worker, was a man who prayed in every situation. He was constantly in an attitude of prayer, and ready always to pray audibly.
So habitual was his praying that when he went to renew his
driver’s license late in life, he said to the policeman who got
into the car with him, “I always pray before I drive; let’s bow
our heads together.” Pierson did it almost without thinking.
The examiner undoubtedly wondered what kind of ride he
was in for! Prayerlessness is really a great sin. When we do not devote time
each day to earnest, believing prayer–we are saying in essence
that we can cope with life without divine aid. Prayerlessness is
really practical atheism. Prayerlessness in the Christian life says
that we believe in God, but we can usually get along without Him! We should call upon God to give us a fresh view of this incredible
resource-believing prayer. In heaven, we will likely look Pack with
regret that we prayed so little.

contributor Harold S. Martin

How to: Connections

“spiritual Insight”

Let’s create a connections beyond the physical with our spirituality. whether an article, or The Bible we have to see how high we can go to the spiritual realm of things and how well we appreciate the power of our mind.



Instructions on how to get a better relationship with God….

Also Learning to get motivated and successful gain personal
growth, getting rid of guilty feelings and building your self

esteem getting spiritual influence ‘Spiritual Relating to or

affecting the human spirit.. Obeying the The ten commandment,..

¡Spiritual, Spiritual!

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Dark times ?

Dark Times?

Where do you get your Inspiration from ?

Are you experiencing a Dark time? Facing a season of 
difficulties that seems to have no end?

Whiles dealing with life's issues in this society I 
began to get my inspiration from the only one 
I know who could bring me through the LORD 
thinking about him more and more each day,

inspires me to move forward with my life and stay 
focus on gaining a better outlook on my life and 
that task is very hard to accomplished because 
of all the distractions in the world today.

And there are thousands of them, between the Killings 
stolen merchandise, rape, fights against neighbors, 
disagreements with Love ones, children teenagers, 
and young adults running the streets like savages 
being rebellious to their parents Why? 

The World Rebellion
Grow your Child in Faith!!

The fact is...Mothers these days, don't have time or 
they don't care so they send them out in the city 
streets with out,Guidance, no godly wisdom and that's 
the real problem with this generation, No parental or 
godly structure for them, they are not being taught 
the ways of the LORD up above, showing them that 

there is another way to deal the World besides 
trying to conform to the world, leave the world
to the world and read the Bible it teaches you to 
fill that empty spot within with The Word of God
to get you through the next day, 

Come to him when you need guidance and wisdom when 
you're not getting it from your parents, and not to 
listen to the outside world difficulties because 
it will guide you to destruction of your life then 
it will take over your mind and would lead you to 
drugs, rape, fights against your neighbor, 
with your loved ones the young running the 
streets, The Whole world Just going Crazy with 
destruction and mishaps, there won't be any lying 
around not being productive for the fathers, they 
would be taking care of their responsibilities, no 
divorce, no open relationships,

Couples will be committed to each other and wait 
to be married before having sex and they will be 
faithful, people would know how to be Christians, 
there would be no coming of false GODS,
perverted Pastors, You can only trust yourself and 
God and the people who are trying to teach you the 
ways of Good things and to have faith and to pray 
everyday maybe twice a day,

We being women have it bad because we are always stressed, but men have it bad also. and they don’t know how to handle things or ask for help from God cause they are to proud.

This world is a battle field and these trails in 
this world are to Big and to troublesome to deal 
with on our own, we should know that we need help 
from Above in order to control these issues and 
they causes us to be consumed by things, and it
affect you and people who are important to us, 

These struggles are allowed by GOD to show our 
confidence in Him and that this fight is not ours 
to deal with,this show Him that we have trust in
Him in everything, Read I Chronicles 20:15 You 
are facing conflict that will not end it seems, 
to deal with this you need to get on your knees 
and pray let Him know,you know he is in control 

of this mess up world, 'He' got this world and,
He can handle it, don't get discourage don't try 
patience in 'Him' and just do what he asked of you, 
Stop..letting things distract you from your own 
feelings and the details, of your own thinking, 
put your focus on Him and what he can teach yo.

Start by surrendering yourself fully to Him, 
trust Him with your shortcoming your faith-
fulness will lead you to a victory...
Read:Psalm 20 :19 
notice how others are lead to victory from Him, 
express to Him how thankful you're. Sometimes he 
redirect us or are preparing us for something 

wonderful he even may delay things that's 
needed for something greater to be accomplished. 
father is in the process of redirecting our lives 
for a certain need, Why? So that his greater plan 
can be a work for you and others no matter how 
unusual it may seem. When you submit to Jesus, 
he get rid of the lust and sin from your life 
and your family's life. 

Here are the Keys to freedom in Jesus 
By Charles Stanley

1.) Recognize that you need freedom.
2.) Believe that Jesus can set you free.
3.) Humble yourself to admit and repent of your 
wrong behavior,
1 John:1:9 realize Jesus forgives you and he will
immediately cleanse you when you repent.

4.)Surrender and submit you life to the Lordship 
of Jesus Christ Read:James 4:6-7 When I do this 
it enables you to resist the Devil instead of 
co-operating with Him.


5.)Begin to renew your mind, your thoughts by 
reading and memorizing and praying the scriptures 
Read: John 8: 31-32 

6.)Find another christian who will be a friend to 
hold you accountable in your christian walk.

7.)Avoid wrong relationships and wrong ideas, 
establish boundaries in what you watch or listen 
to on television, internet, or music Cd that would 
pull me back into wrong feelings and desires.
1 Thessalonians 5: 22

8.)Go to christian meetings that can strengthen 
me and become actively involved in a church 
Hebrews 10: 24-25

Inspiration,help for teens,sexual abuse,

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Teens who want to talk to someone

I’m just a small part of facebook and I don’t even put a dent, anywhere really, but I’m trying I’m here to reach Everyone that’s spiritual to keep me balanced and the Worldly to remind them that they are part of God and they still have his heart…

And their is something better!…but mostly I want to reach the Youths so that they can be guided toward fullfillment, balanced and security, so that they wont think of suicide and commit suicide and help stop them from being depressed and robbing people and stealing from businesses and killing each other.. I want to help Because we are loosing to many of our Youth.

Child Abuse
sexual abuse, sexual assault, Rape
self- injury

Daily Thought: Where do you get your Inspiration From.

I get My inspiration from…Someone that smiles at me or by Just Smiling from a thought,
when I see children playing outside, laughing, screaming, yelling at play, from my Adventurous Grandson thats keep me busy during the day, From a movie you I saw, from a person that reminded you of a qoute…You can get Inspiration from anywhere, mostly it come from the spirit of God.

Inspiration is an spark that you feel when you hear a sound, a voice, a bell or whistle, a breeze across your face, a rain drop on your hand.

So Tell me where?? Send me a comment or posted you can even email me

Daily Creativity.

Giving Inspiration

where does your Inspiration come from??

If you had a chance to help a Youth that was depressed…What would you do to help…what kind of Inspiration would you give them.??
(((Please comment or post.)))

Being creative comes and goes sometimes you have it and in a Wisp it’s gone…how do you get it back….By searching yourself and using what God has given you…If you have his spirit you have his gifts.


31 ways to find Inspiration

How to get creative
Digtal art, design & print